One Man’s Complicated Spiral Into Addiction And His Rebirth After



Harold Tan never imagined that he would use drugs. The model student turned university professor didn’t believe he fit the profile of a drug user.

After spending six months in the Drug Rehabilitation Centre at Changi Prison and being clean for seven years, he now knows better.


Therapy has taught him that substance addiction has little to do with a person’s standing in society. It is an escape.

Growing up with a disapproving father left indelible scars on Harold. The lifelong struggle to prove his worth had seeped deep into his psyche. And in illegal substances, he was able to find a release.


These days, Harold focuses on forgiveness. Seeking it from those he hurt, and giving it to his parents for their past transgressions.

He still can’t escape judgement, especially from those who write him off based on his drug offence.


But he’s a kinder, gentler soul who is dedicated to helping those in their addiction recovery find their peace too.

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