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‘One Voice’ started out as a message to the Burmese diaspora and was conceived as an appeal to unity at the cusp of Myanmar’s change, reform and transition.

This started out as a feature, but is now broken up to bite-sized snapshots as a short film documentary series! We speak to Marlar Tun, below, after the embed:

Watch ‘I am Myanmar – One Voice’ by Marlar Tun

One Voice is the first in the series of short films and is an introduction to the country and her poetry of change. It is crafted to portray a people whose soft and gentle manner belie an underlying strength and grace that will never be uprooted by struggle.

Their voices have been hushed for half a century and “One Voice” etches into time the unified voices that speak of one future, one vision, one nation.

Includes interviews with former political prisoner Maung Thura, economics and political development scholar Dr Tin Maung Maung Than, chef-hotelier Oliver Esser and pro-democracy leader Au San Suu Kyi.

Here’s what Marlar Tun has to say about the film: “The people and culture of Myanmar is soft, gentle and the language itself is poetic and descriptive.

“That of course belies their steely strength. I wanted to say to them that change is great and inevitable. They need to remember that they have the right, the ability and most importantly the responsibility to step up into the world as good people.

“I didn’t want to say it in a matter of fact, traditional “documentary” way and instead to give them a visual memory how beautiful the spirit the of humanity is when we strip away all the distractions of a developed world.”

Marlar is a practising dentist turned filmmaker. She is working on a feature-length animation on the folklore in Myanmar. You can watch the rest of the excellent short film series here!

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