Heartache? She Found The Perfect Cure. Fabulous Inner Strength!


Kat's Diary ACA SS2 KRK

Kat overcomes a bad bout of luck with men and the mat… with inner strength.

Long distance relationships and yoga can be challenging for beginners. Kat was a newbie, she might not have known what she was doing.

But she pushed herself.

Her effusive, sunshiny personality takes a dip when she learns that David could be cheating on her.

Kat's Diary ACA SS3 KRK

Her willpower weakens and she is at the end of her wits.

But just as she is about to break, she learns an important lesson on strength at her yoga class.

It brings back a little balance to her life.

Watch ‘Kat’s Diary’ by Vanessa Amante (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Vanessa’s film was a finalist at Tropfest SEA 2015.

Here’s another comedy Filipino film where a gay beautician finds out he just fathered a child (Ina-Tay).

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