A Gay Father Discovers His Son Is Gay, Wishes A Different Life For Him


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Elvis, a gay Filipino beautician, was presented with a young child at his doorstep. The child was the fruit of his loins, an unexpected surprise years after a drunken night…

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His colourful, wacky friends, who are like an extended family to him, help him raise the boy. It’s one big, gay family.

As he grows up, Elvis is in for another rude shock: his son turns out to be like him, and he doesn’t approve.

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“Like father, like son” wasn’t the best outcome Elvis had in mind.

Watch ‘Ina-Tay’ by Chloe Veloso (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Chloe is a freelance filmmaker and lecturer based in Cebu City, Philippines. She speaks about ‘Ina-Tay’ and her gay-themed films in this interview.

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