This Organic Farm Employs School Dropouts. And Turns Their Lives Around.


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One was an alcoholic street kid who used to commit petty crime to get by. Another had to drop out of school because he lost his boat, his only means to get to school. Yet another was accepted into college, but could not continue as her parents were unable to pay the tuition fees.

Common to all these troubled youth is a very special farm in Indonesia. The Learning Farm is an organic farm that employs youths that have dropped out of school or college, and those with no direction in life.

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Farm work is just one of the things they are taught at the Learning Farm.

Farming and caring for nature are just a means of getting them going towards a bigger goal – to become independent, contributing and responsible members of society.

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During their four-month stay at the farm, the youth are equipped with life skills that can help them leave their dark past behind and create a better future for themselves.

As one of them quotes his teacher – “Those who can read nature can grasp the world.”

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‘A Farm For People’ was directed by Jacqui Hocking for Our Better World, a storytelling initiative of the Singapore International Foundation.

Here’s how you can support The Learning Farm.

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