He Started Swimming Because Of A Girl. Then, He Meets The Pool Man.


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Fat boy meets pool man. They had no direction, no ambition.

They’re both cowards. They have many excuses for life, but don’t realise that until after meeting each other at the pool.

Pool man is a former athlete who singled out the kid at the pool, determined to make a swimmer out of him in a bet.

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An unlikely friendship develops.

While the swimming lessons do not seem to be going anywhere, they learn other life lessons from each other.

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They end up with a reality they’ve been evading: they’re making excuses, they float like debris, without direction, without ambition.

Here’s how they moved on.

Watch ‘The Pool Man’ by Kaidi Zhan (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘The Pool Man’ won the Best Feature Film award at the 2014 Taipei Golden Harvest Awards.

It was also widely featured at film festivals, including the 2014 San Diego International Film Festival, the 2014 Washington D.C. Chinese Film Festival, the 2014 Poitiers Film Festival in France, the 2013 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival.

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