His Parents Couldn’t Accept His Boyfriend. He Did Something Drastic.


My Day With In Laws ss1 krk

Their son was different, but they still hoped he would have a girlfriend someday.

Zhi-jie hoped that his family could accept his boyfriend of four years if they spent some time together.

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They psyched up for dinner, putting on their best behaviours at the dining table.

The family prepared themselves for some awkwardness, but nothing prepared them for the drama that unfolded the next day.

He didn’t show up for breakfast.

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The family and his boyfriend scour the streets, anxious about his disappearance. They made calls, drove around, and visited a community gay bar, but there was no sight of him.

Tempers were short.

They resented his boyfriend for forcing them to confront the truth.

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In his absence, they confronted their own fears.

They discovered their own way towards acceptance in small, baby steps.

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‘My Day With In Laws’ was in the official selection for InDPanda International Film Festival, Youth Way-Light Film Festival and the Home Film Festival by Haus Image.

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