Parents Forget But Children Are Always Watching. Listening. Learning.



Her mum’s gone out. She’s packing her things. They are getting ready to move out.

And just then, she makes a discovery — a weapon that serves as a reminder of her destroyed family.

Gun in hand, she walks into every nook and corner of the house.


Memories come rushing back — the good times and the bad times. The time when they were all together as a happy family, the time when her Dad hit her Mum and got arrested.


She tries to freeze those moments using the gun, but she can’t. The cracks in her family are real, and she can’t do anything about them.


Emotional and haunting, ‘Revolving Child’ is a grim reminder of the effects of domestic violence on a child’s mind.

Parents may forget, but children are always watching everything, listening to everything, learning everything.

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‘Revolving Child’ was the Porter Prize Winner at the Reel East Film Festival and a Nominee for the Teen Indie Best Cinematography at the All American High School Film Festival. It was also the Official selection for several film festivals in 2015, including the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, the All American High School Film Festival, the Pictoclik San Francisco Film Festival and the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne. Read more about the filmmaker here.

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