This Dad’s Unconditional Love Cost Him Everything. But It Was Worth It.


For Your Smile SS3

Throwing a tantrum got what she wanted. She wasn’t exactly a spoilt child, but Mohan’s daughter cared too much for peer pressure.

What she realised, belatedly, was that her dad cared far more than her than her friends.

Mohan lived simply and humbly, getting by as a dishwasher. He didn’t have a car, he wears old and torn clothes, and live in a spartan home.

For Your Smile SS2

But when his daughter asked for a new outfit to celebrate Deepavali, the biggest and the brightest of all Hindu festivals, he gives her exactly what she wants, even if it cost him everything he had.

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She means the world to him. But was it really worth giving up the last memory he had of his late wife to make his daughter smile?

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