A Peeping Tom Makes Lollipops Out Of His Neighbour’s Sweat


Stop Peeping - Sweat Lolli Still 2

It’s summertime. The flats in Hong Kong are sweltering.

A peeping tom discovers his new neighbour exercises and sweats a lot, and so out of the goodness of his own heart (!), gives her an iced lollipop to cool off at a chance encounter.

Stop Peeping - Sweat Lolli Still 4

It’s a twisted premise, but it develops further into sweat-flavoured ice lollis.

We want to say ‘ewwwww.’ But we couldn’t stop watching.

We’re not sure if this brilliance is inspired by real life events, or is pure fantasy.

Either way, there is a cautionary tale in here somewhere: never accept lollis from your neighbour, and, uh, being a peeping tom doesn’t always pay off.

Watch ‘Stop Peeping’ 《太陽留住我》:

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Wong Ping is an illustrator and animator based in Hong Kong. His surrealist films were showcased at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

More of his work here.

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