The Guardians Of This Ancient Forest Fight For Home, And Our Future



This documentary takes place in Borneo, but tragically, it is a crisis that is all too common in the world.

In Sarawak, Malaysia, ancient forests are under attack.


The homeland of the Penan people, an indigenous tribe, widely believed to be the original inhabitants of the forests, is being laid to waste by loggers and a greedy government.

In 1990, the Sarawak government started granting licenses to logging companies. Since then, a staggering 89% of the rainforest have been ravaged, with much of the forest destroyed.


Penan villages, particularly those around the Selungo River, is one of the last untouched pockets of greenery left and the community has banded together to defend their home, through blockades, protests and the proposal of the Penan Peace Park.


If recognised by the government, the Penan Peace Park would be protected land, able to preserve the forest, as well as the Penan identity and culture.

Get inspired by this fight for survival and learn how you can show your support too.

Watch ‘Selungo’ by Ross Harrison (Malaysia/United Kingdom) on Viddsee:

‘Selungo’ is a condensed short of the original 30-minute short film ‘Sunset Over Selungo’. Learn more about the Penan Peace Park campaign and full film here.

This film is part of the Earth Hour channel, in collaboration with WWF. View more films about the good, the bad and the ugly of our actions on the planet here.

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