Place Your Bets: Which Of These Kids Will Reach The Finishing Line?


16_30 New FI

It’s not a game; it’s their livelihood.

This is no ordinary race. Every day, at 4.30pm, these kids begin running, weaving in and out of narrow alleys with slips of paper in their hands.

They are distributors of lotto results to residents who hedged their bets in ‘so de’, a simple form of betting in Vietnam.

16-30 SS4

It’s a competitive event, as the results of the day — their wares — will expire at the day’s end.

There are many distributors, which means that the market is saturated. There are no rules. It’s every street kid for himself.

16-30 SS1

The feet-pounding pace in this short film is matched with an equally heart-racing soundtrack, as the kids try to outrun each another.

But even in conflict and their grim living conditions, friendship and mutual respect prevails.

Watch ’16:30′ by Trần Dũng Thanh Huy (Vietnam) on Viddsee:

’16:30′ was the official selection at the 2012 Yxine Film Festival International Competition, an annual online international short film festival that aims to promote their slogan “Sharing. Love. Cinema.” among young independent filmmakers and cinema lovers.

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