From Plastic Waste To Climate Change, This Team Helped Create Change



It’s been 2 years since Claire Lee relocated to Jakarta, but she’s back in Singapore and ready to lead Team DBS once again! Reuniting with her colleagues Hendra Susanto and Riya, their boss Chester informs them there will be a new addition to their team: Darren Chua.


With a background in SME Banking, Darren works closely with small to medium-sized businesses and looks for solutions to their dilemmas. He introduces the team to 3 different cases, each with a business idea that comes with a social utility and a unique problem to solve. The team embarks on creative ways to find solutions for these small businesses with big dreams.

Change starts at home

Justin is a young entrepreneur slated to inherit his family’s plastic production business. However, he is interested in expanding the business into producing a biodegradable alternative to plastic. His uncle sees it as a direct competition to their own family business. While family tensions run high; how will team DBS help him reach his goals?

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A little kindness goes a long way

Tiffany is a young girl down on her luck. One day, she steals a sandwich from a cafe out of debilitating hunger. The modest cafe owner, Angela responds in kindness, and it extends beyond just feeding her on that fateful day. She trains Tiffany to be a skilled barista and empowers her to believe in herself. But, the cafe quickly runs into cash flow problems; how will team DBS help Angela keep her business?

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Big change starts small

Through Angela, the team meets Leanne and Jake, who are both seeking to create products out of used coffee grounds. What starts as a small innovative idea now requires the buy-in from big corporations that have the numbers to truly make a sizeable change to the environment.

Will the bankers be able to come up with a creative solution that will be a win-win for all parties involved?

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