The Police Are Hunting Illegal Immigrants. Her Father Is In Danger.



Hsu Ji’s father says she can’t go to school anymore.

With the heavy police presence in the community and their lack of legal documents, the risk of getting caught is simply too high.


Instead, she will start homeschooling with their landlady, the mean old woman who demeans her father and threatens his job. Hsu Ji is not pleased.

She loses herself in the black-and-white silent films that she and her father love to feel better.


But her quest for peace is disrupted when the characters burst forth from the screen.


It’s bizarre, a fantasy brought to life. Made urgent when the police come knocking at her door.

Just like Hsu Ji, these three gentleman have no form of identification, so together, the four embark on a wild escape.


They have to get to Hsu Ji’s father, so they can all finally make their way home.

To find a life beyond their current reality, with happiness just a screen away.

Watch ‘Hsu Ji Behind The Screen’ by Thomas Rio (France) on Viddsee:

‘Hsu Ji Behind The Screen’ is part of the Guam International Film Festival channel, a cinematic bridge between films and culture from America and Asia. View the full channel here.

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