7 Popular LGBT Films To Binge Watch On Viddsee


Being a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community is no walk in the park. From coming to terms with it yourself, to opening up to people around you, every step of the way feels like the whole world is against you.

The LGBT community has long faced discrimination in society. Since the 1920s, they have been fighting to get their voices heard and to be given the same rights as any other human being.

Your sexuality does not determine whether you’re a good person or not, your character does.

While still a taboo in many countries, the LGBT community has come a long way since the early days of their struggle.

Today, there are many positive representations of LGBT characters in television and movies. This also includes real-life representations, like famous TV host Ellen DeGeneres, actor Neil Patrick Harris, Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin, and British singer Sam Smith. In fact, Queer Eye is all the rage right now, with Jonathan Van Ness inspiring everyone to bring out their confident diva persona.

Watching LGBT films can help people who are struggling with their identity and give them something they can relate to. It can also help heterosexual people understand the lives and struggles of the LGBT community.

Fortunately, some really good LGBT movies are just a click away with a Viddsee account. Grab a bowl of popcorn and binge on these handpicked LGBT movies this weekend:

Something Innocent

WATCH: Ang High School At Si Olive by Keana Karol Trasporte

This Filipino short film deals with a young schoolgirl and her curiosity about her sexuality.

A close friend helps Olive prepare for a school play, and Olive starts feeling something for her. She is not too sure what it is, or whether it is right, but she can’t seem to shake it off. To make things worse, her elder sister comes to suspect that something is going on between the two after a night of a sleepover.

Something for a laugh

WATCH: Quite Ordinary by Masaki Takahashi

A love triangle that entangles a teacher and two of his students, told in a light-hearted manner.

A teacher is hopeful that his student will reciprocate his feelings, but the latter has feelings for another. The teacher then counts on the student getting his heartbroken so he’d stand a chance.

This film tickles your funny bones while bringing back that whole high-school-crush love triangle trauma memories.

Something gut-wrenching


A young boy goes on an emotional roller-coaster trying to deal with his sexuality. He tries hard to deny the fact that he’s attracted to boys because it goes against his strict religious teachings. However, he’s unable to change who he inherently is – and he discovers that living in denial is not easy.

Something heart-warming

WATCH: Missed

Long-distance relationship sucks, we all know that. But sometimes life doesn’t give you a choice and there’s nothing you can do but live with it. This film deals with the feelings of a girl missing her partner and longing for the closeness and intimacy they once shared.

Something enigmatic

WATCH: Color of November

On a cold November month, a Polish girl reflects on the relationship she has with her partner. She narrates all of her lover’s annoying habits and wonders why she was ever attracted to her. She wonders if she fell for someone who resembled her mother, just as a straight girl tend to attract men like their father.

Her biggest question in life remains unanswered; does being gay mean you are completely free from societal pressures or is it actually worse?

Something forbidden

WATCH: Sisters

The Chinese custom for bridesmaids, or “sisters”, is to playfully impede the groom’s progress as he comes to fetch his bride on the wedding day.

When this bride’s brother gets involved in the play, things take an unexpected turn – and she learns of a secret that she was never meant to find out – especially just hours before her wedding.

Something messy

WATCH: Feverish

Ah, the classic love triangle. What do you do when your heart is torn between two people?

Max and Val have feelings for each other, but Max already has a girlfriend. He struggles to keep the balance between spending time with his girlfriend, while also fulfilling his carnal desires with Val without anyone finding out. Meanwhile, Val goes through a lot of emotional turmoil as he doesn’t quite understand the relationship he has with Max.

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