A Family Of Butchers Receive An Estranged Son, A Convicted Murderer


Pork Guy Rwrte SS1

They’re used to dead meat, but they certainly didn’t welcome him warmly.

An estranged son and convicted murderer returns home to help out at his family’s butcher business.

His reconciliation was not easy.

Pork Guy Rwrte SS3

Life moved on while he was in jail — his sister is studying for a major exam, his mum had a recent surgery and a new boyfriend. On the streets, thugs continue to terrorise local vendors.

He readjusts, half-heartedly, and then purely out of practicality.

His heart wasn’t in it, but this reunion did good for him and his family.

Watch this Taiwanese drama ‘Pork Guy’ by Wall Fish (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains scenes of disembodied animal carcasses, but nothing unusual out of a local market

‘Pork Guy’ was nominated for the Golden Harvest Awards, the International Student Film Golden Lion Award and the International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy.

Here’s another story about an unconventional families, ‘Strangers’ by Tan Jingliang, about two sister-in-laws who are forced to reconcile their past

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