Chicken Testicles For A Pregnancy Diet? She Found It Hard To Swallow!



Lily gets to wake up whenever she wants, not do any chores and have the family fret over her every move.

Those are the perks that come with carrying the first grandchild of the family. The pregnant life has been a total dream so far for Lily.


Her only nightmare is her mother-in-law’s pre-pregnancy food. Meat like lamb has been banned – ancient wisdom say it’s a cause of epilepsy, while chicken testicles are in her soup – great for skin and for the baby. It’s all rather difficult to swallow.


But Lily is about to find out just how hard it is to really sink her teeth into the strange food quirks of Asian pregnancy.

Watch ‘Chicken & Pregnant’ (雞●孕) by Lin You Jun (林佑君) (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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