His Pregnant Wife’s Cravings Are Getting A Little Out Of Hand Now



It started off harmlessly enough.

Many pregnant women get cravings, and his wife Bel did too.

But what Sam was not prepared for was the level that Bel’s sambal cravings would reach.


She had a new request every day, and though it was an annoyance, he was kind enough to procure the rarest of rare sauces to appease her cravings.

Until the day she craved a sauce that she could describe in great detail but couldn’t remember where she’d had it.

What’s a man gotta do?


Sam tried hard to find the sauce that matched her descriptions, but she rejected everything he presented to her.

He was about to lose it… when something caught his eye. And his memory.

Of course! That’s where she’d had the sauce. That’s where they’d both had the sauce!

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