A Promising Day For A Blind Woman Turns Into A Sad, Horrific Nightmare


Cane SS2

Sympathy is a cheap virtue that doesn’t cost us anything.

We like to believe our society is caring, supportive, and kind, especially towards minorities and people with disabilities.

Here’s a short film that may make you rethink that.

Cane SS3

‘Cane’ details the day of a blind woman who’s off for her first job interview. She encounters a helpful man who guides her as she gets lost in the city, who ultimately preys on her.

It’s an unfriendly city, and except for her, everyone else is simply willfully blind to it.

Watch ‘Cane’ by Jung Si-young (Korea) on Viddsee:

The director Jung Si-young shared that Cane was an effort to express his dissatisfaction about the hypocrisy and prejudice towards people of disabilities.

Cane has screened at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival, Persons with Disabillities Film Festival, and the Asiana International Short Film Festival in Korea, and the Festival of Korea Cinema and Capalbio International Short Film Festival in Italy.

Watch another short film on disability & discrimination, ‘The Last Interview’ by Hyun Moon-Sub (Korea), about a vampire who’s trying to live a normal life amongst humans

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