This Prostitute Was Paid To Be A Stand-In Mother By An 8 Yr Old


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A young eight-year old boy picked this prostitute off the streets and paid for two hours of her time. He needed her to be at a parent-teacher meeting at school — to play his mother.

She would have said no, but it was all about the money. Xiaobo paid the street rates, was properly bossy, and set some ground rules about cussing and smoking in public. He wanted his money’s worth.

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Her appearance caused a mild uproar in school: she toned down the dress, but it was obvious that one of the parents was her customer. The experience was hardly fun for the both of them, and she couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

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She slowly discovers the secret about Xiaobo’s missing mother. It wasn’t about the money anymore.

For this call-girl, this experience in pretend-playing a mother was priceless. There was one last call to make…

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