Public Enemy: Corrupt Politicians, Or This Vigilante?


Reed Bugang ss2 krk

There’s a panic in the city: a group of vigilantes are hunting down corrupt government officials. The people have taken the law into their hands, hunting down the corrupt in their own homes.

The panic has raised a call for an anti-vigilante bill, sponsored by one of the most influential government official.

Reed Bugang ss4 krk

Reed Bugang ss3 krk

Kristian is one of the many. He died a martyr, but had discovered his immortality. He’s on a path of vengeance and he’s set his eyes on a popular senator. They cast a plan and break into his home, but they soon realise that the target has more cunning than they have.

Reed Bugang ss1 krk

But as long as these corrupt politicians walk the earth, so will he.

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