Their Love Hung by A Thread. When She Broke, He Snapped Too.


Pulcinello Cellad Still 3

Falling in love is a dizzy, giddy, hyper-real and surreal experience.

Pulcinello Cellad Still 2

We can dance to its tune effortlessly because we’re taught how to.

The scene for love is unmistakable in this animation about a puppet and his puppet master. It’s a sweet pairing and courtship. It’s very easy to see this set in motion!

Pulcinello Cellad Still 1

But love doesn’t always end with a happy ending. And that ending is sometimes solitary, lonely, and without an audience.

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‘Pulcinello’ was produced by a team of Nanyang Polytechnic students: Lee Yong Yi, Sheetha Lakshmanan, Tan Tai Chi, Tan Zi Chao, Vanessa Yeap Min Rong, Gabriella Mesenas, Tan Jing Hua, Hong Kai Wei, Lee Rong Jie and Sia Chee Hong.

It won three awards at the Crowbar Awards and one at The Phoenix Awards in Singapore, and was also honoured by the Association of International Du Film D’ Animation in India.

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