What is it like being gay in the Singaporean Army?


The world can be a cruel place for those who don’t fit in, even more so in a regimented environment like in the army.

This video below features interviews with gay Singaporean men and their experience in National Service. It was produced to raise funds and support for the short film Purple Light.

“I ended up having depression… If I had the freedom to just be myself I don’t think I would go through so much.”

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The filmmakers Cecilia Ang, Javior Chew and Charlene Yiu made ‘Purple Light’ based on true accounts from their friends. They hope that Purple Light will empower individuals in their personal journeys in self-acceptance. “There is more to you than just your sexuality,” she says.

Maxi Lim and Noah Yap (Ah Boys to Men) are featured in this short film in supporting roles.

Purple Light short film is NOW on Viddsee! WATCH it here!

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