A “Real” Emergency Was All He Wanted, Until He Got This Shock


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Eager to please, Joe jumped at every opportunity to prove himself.

He’s a rookie serviceman at a local fire station who was passionate about helping people in need. But it only took him a month into the job before he started voicing his dissatisfaction.

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All his cases were frivolous. There was nothing on the line. What he wanted, as Joe lamented to a senior, was a case where he could resuscitate a patient who had a cardiac arrest.

It was why he joined the fire service, he said. He wanted to save a life.

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Such a call did come.

He was ready. He knew the drill. But his first Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest case shocked him to the core.

He didn’t realise that all that was expected of him was to do his best at serving the community.

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And he was back at the job, with renewed vigour.

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