If You Could Record The Sound Of Silence, What Would It Sound Like?


Silencio_SS1 KRK

A shy sound recorder roams the streets and beaches of Thailand in search for the rarest sound of all: silence. He’s misunderstood by everyone in town as an odd deaf mute. In reality, he’s just a quiet soul searching for peace.

Silencio_SS2 KRK

Made by prominent Thai director Sivaroj, this short film exhibits his usual slow cinematographic style. Sweeping shots show off the beautiful landscape and display the full glory of the setting.

Silencio_SS3 KRK

Watch ‘Silencio’ by Sivaroj Kongsakul (Thailand) on Viddsee:

The film was made in honor King Bhumbibol’s 80th birthday.

‘Silencio’ has screened internationally and won awards at the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival in France, Hamburg International Short Film Festival in Germany, Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival in Italy, Busan Asian Short Film Festival in Korea. It travelled widely to film festivals in Hong Kong, Thailand, the US,Spain, Italy, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Mexico, and in Singapore.

Here’s another film on sound about a foley artist’s obsessive hunt for the perfect sound. Watch ‘Its’ Real’ by Minseob Lee on Viddsee

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