Red Lipstick Can Do Lots For Striking Features. It Makes A Statement.


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Red is definitely on trend, but this is one online makeup tutorial unlike any other. Reshma is a acid attack survivor, who, after going through the initial routine of exfoliating, moisturising, and application of colour, goes on to explain how easily it is to get your favourite colour on the market.

It’s disconcerting and uncomfortable to watch, but the most uncomfortable takeaway is that there isn’t a ban on the sales of acid in India, and that red lipstick is as accessible as concentrated acid.

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Reshna’s tutorial was made for Make Love Not Scars, a campaign that aims to pressure the Indian government to ban over-the-counter sale of concentrated acid. Check out the petition here.

Acid attacks against women is an incomprehensible, misogynistic and prevalent crime in India. As survivors, women are shamed for their disfigurement and hidden in the shadows of society.

Make Love Not Scars positions its campaign not just a showing survivors of violence as individuals as members of society, with stories and talents to showcase. Reshma also appears in two other tutorials and her story is featured here. More: Make Love Not Scars, #EndAcidSale campain, Petition to the Indian Government, h/t: NYtimes

Just one more! Watch Chasni, a poetic animation dedicated to a nurse who died from injuries in an acid attack.

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