She Yearned For Whiff Of Excitement. It Arrived At Her Doorstep.


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“You could set fire to this place and it wouldn’t change a thing.”

Nothing exciting ever happened in the small town where Alice lived. She helped out at her dad’s roadside motel and was familiar with the array of guests who checked in.

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She was bored. Life was mundane.

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This all changed when an enigmatic man checks in with a female partner. He’s mysterious, tattooed, smokes, and has a whiff of danger in his stride.

Alice begins snooping on this character, whose given name was Blood.

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There was finally a break in her monotonous life.

Blood wasn’t going to be just another person in transit.

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Viewer discretion: Contains depiction of violence and nudity.

Ben’s film premiered at the SXSW, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and at the BFI London Film Festival. ‘Blood Pulls A Gun’ won Best Emerging Film Maker at MIFF, was nominated for Best Director by the Australian Directors Guild, and was the winner of the Gold ACS Award by the Australian Cinematographers Society.

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