This Stray Cat Taught A Heartbroken Man A Lesson On Love


Stray Cat SS3 KRK

This guy was unceremoniously dumped by his ex. Then a stray cat did the same.

A cute feline wandered into his house one rainy day and made herself very comfortable. It wasn’t easy to get rid of her.

Over time, he developed a deep fondness for her. Perhaps it was because he was lonely, or that he saw striking similarities between it and his ex-girlfriend.

However, the kitty only went to him when it was hungry. He realised that he was being treated the same way as his ex did. He wanted to end it before he suffers from the indignity of being hurt, once again.

Stray Cat SS2 KRK

But even though he parted with the kitty, it returns.

This time, he left his door and his heart open.

Watch ‘Stray Cats’ by Min Byung-woo (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Stray Cats’ travelled to film festivals worldwide, including the World Animal Suncheon Bay Film Festival in Korea, Sitges Mobile Film Festival in Spain, Moscow K-shorts Screenings in Russia, Focus On Asia – Fukuoka International Film Festival in Japan, the Fukuoka Independent Film Festival in Japan, the Ole KT Smartphone Film Festival and the Pusan International Film Festival, Competition in the Republic of Korea.

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