She Had Remedies For Everyone, But This Doctor Is Now In A Funk


The Remedy ss8 krk.jpg

This Chinese herbal medicine doctor had remedies for all her patients, but now she’s in a funk.

It was an itchy throat, a burning sensation behind her eyes, a pressure on her chest, a general malaise.

The Remedy ss9 ft krk.jpg

And a trip down memory lane, a vivid and surreal journey through childhood and all its accoutrements.

The Remedy ss6 krk.jpg

The Remedy ss7 krk.jpg

She walked through the feverish garden of old dreams, steeped her memories in a old crock, and brewed a scalding hot concoction.

The Remedy ss12 krk.jpg

And like a old flower sticker that she once swallowed as a child, the funk flushed straight out.

Watch ‘The Remedy’ by Zilai Feng (United States) on Viddsee:

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