There’s Something Wrong With Their “Sick” Colleague In The Backseat


Horror Mission eng bz ss1 krk

Remember that dream where you’re just running away stupidly from something?

Here, relive it again.

This duo has a possessed colleagued in the back seat.

Horror Mission eng bz ss3 krk

Their film crew overlooked site-specific sweeps and due diligence before a shoot, and they’re forced to send the actress back for a scheduled exorcism.

Apparently, it’s a common occurrence. A little rescue and clean up and she’d be all good and new.

But nothing prepared them for the drive home.

Horror Mission eng bz ss2 krk

They couldn’t turn back even if they wanted to.

Watch out for the sickening twist and crunch!

Watch ‘Horror Mission’ by Ng Ken Kin (Malaysia) here:

‘Horror Mission’ was part of the 3 Doors of Horror anthology produced by Doghouse73 Pictures.

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