His New Neighbour, She Was Enchanting. He Was Enchanted.


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First love is the sweetest, and hardest to forget.

A young boy develops an infatuation for the girl next door, an older girl he just met in this new neighbourhood. He tries to see more of her, creating opportunities to spend time together by her doorstep.

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With her, every fleeting moment stretched to forever. Then came two threats: an older guy she’s intimate with, and the uncertainty of her staying around permanently.

She’s distracted, and had less attention for him.

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His crush for her doesn’t wane, nor does it burn off slowly. He hides in the shadows and holds the torch for her.

Here’s to the memory of first loves, and for ones we longed for in the shadows.

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Written and directed by Bastien Schravendeel with his team for their graduation at the Utrecht School For The Arts. More on his team and full credit list here.

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