A Reminder That It Doesn’t Take Much To Be A Blessing To Others


TheLightWithin Petronas SS2

We know it’s polite to hold the door for strangers or to help with laden grocery bags, but it’s not something that comes naturally as we go about leading busy, fulfilling, productive lives.

That’s how life is, you say? Well, yes, but un-shrug those shoulders now.

Here’s a touching story about that, ‘The Light Within’, produced in conjunction with the Hindu festival of lights, Deepavali.

TheLightWithin Petronas SS1

This elderly man goes about his way preparing for the festivities: visiting the temple, buying Indian sweets, flowers, a new getup. The little boy with him is just as cheery and excited as he is, and just as sweet and giving.

As it turns out, they have more in common than having a big heart. They have the same, one, heart.

Watch ‘The Light Within’ by Petronas (Malaysia):

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This ad was produced for Petronas by Quek Shio Chuan from Reservoir Productions with Leo Burnett and Two AM Music Studios.

Here’s the making-of ‘The Light Within’:

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What an inspiring reminder that it doesn’t take much to be a blessing to others.

Watch another short film on kindness and community, ‘Singer Loses Her Voice & Finds Her Song’, about a young girl who gave her music back to people who needed it

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