Goody-Two Shoes Has Her First Taste Of Rebellion, Loves It


Cross The Wall ss3 krk

The school was her world. Then she escaped the tyranny of school and expectations by playing truant for the first time.

Pei-pei is a goody-two-shoes who tries her best to please others. She takes instruction well, even to the point of participating in a competition she doesn’t want to.

She gets third place instead of first.

Cross The Wall ss2 krk

He’s is a troublemaker who doesn’t have much of a care in the world.

To cheer her up, they jump over the school fence and skip an entire day of lessons. Her new friend gets her into trouble. It seems like another world out there: carefree, liberated, and independent.

Cross The Wall ss1 krk

That experience gave her a newfound perspective of life and rebellion. So what if she got third instead of first place? Is school all that matters?

And so begins her journey to independence, to stand for herself.

Watch ‘Cross The Wall’ by Wu Tai Yun & Huang Hao Wei (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Cross The Wall’ won the Best Director Award at the Short Dramatic Film category at the Global Chinese Universities Student Film & Television Festival, and was screened at the Beijing Film Academy International Student Film & Video Festival and the Macau International Movie Festival-Short Film Festival.

It was nominated to compete at the Hangzhou Asian Film Festival, t6he International Student FilmGolden Lion Award, and the Golden Harvest Award.

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