With The Right Support, They Were Empowered To Take Time Into Their Own Hands


Whether we’re passing time or chasing after it, how we feel about time is often tied to our personal level of contentment. For Madam Chong, a vulnerable senior, and Chloe, a child with special needs, time feels even more precious.

To bring their stories to life, documentary photographer Mindy Tan takes the time to discover their spirit and humanity before capturing and freezing their moments in time.

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Madam Chong wants to spend her time more meaningfully

Madam Chong is 85 years old and lives alone. Her husband passed away 6 years ago. It’s common for most of the ageing population to find themselves watching the days go by within the four walls of their home.


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How does Madam Chong fill her days beyond her home?

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Chloe and her mother, Mei Ting see time with patience

Chloe is a student with special needs. However, her mother Mei Ting wants society to treat her like everybody else – with the ability to gain independence and skills to join the workforce and be self-sufficient.

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Where does Chloe go to take on the skills that will eventually help her gain her independence?

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