A Robot Could Replace Her Son, But Not The Emptiness In Her Heart


Changing Batteries SS_01

Her son couldn’t make it home to visit again, but this time he sent a metal substitute. The old woman is less than impressed, but at the very least, the robot could do the house chores.

Changing Batteries SS_04

But one night, it dawns on her that while it may have a CPU in place of a brain, it also has a heart. It wasn’t just performing mindless chores, but actually providing care and comfort for her.

Changing Batteries SS_11

It may have come into this world as a substitute. But when its batteries run out, it leaves with a soul and a real son.

Watch ‘Changing Batteries’ by Sunny Side Up Production on Viddsee:

‘Changing Batteries’ was made as a final year animation production by Shu Gi, Casandra Ng, Hon JiaHui and Bahareh Darvish at the Multimedia University in Malaysia and received an Honourable Mention at the Bang Awards in Portugal. Read more about the film here.

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