Where The Root of His Suffering Ended, A Time Of Wisdom Began


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Ciro had an urgent out-of-town errand, the weight of the world on his shoulders, and a dull, throbbing toothache.

But riding down the freeway, he pulled up to a hitch-hiker, made a detour and fixed a flat tyre.

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Exchanging stories about each other, Ciro and Mabel realised they had decidedly different personal values.

The journey continued in stony silence, but as he pulled up to Mabel’s destination, Ciro apologised for his remarks.

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Ciro was one who believed in shouldering responsibility, but as this brief encounter ended, he wasn’t sure if he truly believed in them.

And arriving at his errand the next day, he stared at the bones of his past, gulped down a shot of rum, and dug deep into the root of his sufferings.

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For where suffering ended, a time of wisdom finally began.


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