How Do You Get A Hot Teacher’s Attention? Here’s How.


Rule Breakers Poster

Eden, Jaze, and James are regular schoolboys. Regular, testosterone-charged schoolboys at Crimson High Boys School.

School is boring. Like bored schoolboys, they fight.

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But they all have a mutual respect and fear for their teacher Miss Huang.

The unruly and red-blooded lot try to out-macho each other for her attention. They get reprimanded by her for misbehaving spectacularly, creating a pandemonium in the classroom.

Rule Breakers Gif SS1 Rewrte

It was all just a game, until they follow a kidnapped Miss Huang into a ketamine den.

Rule Breakers SS4

Will their classroom play-fighting hold up against a gang of hardened criminals?

Watch the kick ass ‘The Rule Breaker 1’ & ‘The Rule Breakers 2’ now:

‘Rule Breakers 1′ and its sequel ‘Rule Breakers 2’ was made by Jaze Phua, Eden Ang, James Fong and Jerry Lim, with choreography by Eden Ang and Jaze Phua.

Want more? Here’s another kick-ass film from the makers of Rule Breakers, a showdown between a park sweeper and a litterer. Watch ‘Battle Of The Sticks’ here

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