Runaway Daughter Finds A Strange Kindness, Finds Her Way Home


CP Thailand ss2

“Mom, you need to give me some space!” she cried out.

She was sick of her mother’s nagging. One day, she decided enough and enough and took the extreme step — she ran away.

With nowhere to go, and no money in her pocket, she met a kind stranger. A stranger who cooked her a meal for free.

CP Thailand ss1

CP Thailand ss4

A meal that seemed a bit too familiar. How did this stranger know her likes and dislikes? Why was she so kind?

And then the stranger told her about someone even kinder than her.

CP Thailand ss3


Someone we often take for granted.

Someone who has always been there for us from the moment we were born. Someone who loves us, cares for us, puts her own needs aside, and always thinks of us first. Someone who deserves a little more kindness and consideration than what she usually gets.

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