He Severed Ties With His Best Friend, But Guilt Keeps Bringing Him Back


The Safe House SS2

How true are allegiances forged by blood, and by tribe?

Two gangsters hide out in a safe house awaiting their own initiation into a rival gang after a massive bloodbath of a betrayal.

As they recover from their ordeal, the reality of their actions set in.

The Safe House SS3

Chee-soo is an underling, a driver, and he’s slowly made his way up the ladder. He gets flashbacks of a friendship forged before his gangland days.

The trauma of the friendship and betrayal gnaws at his sanity.

The anxiety slowly unravels into another nightmare as he suspects an intrusion in the safe house.

The Safe House SS1

The real intrusion, however, was just the overwhelming guilt that haunted him in his head.

He had a hand in the death of a friend, and that guilt wasn’t just going to let go.

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Viewer discretion: Contains violence

‘The Safe House’ by Joon Kim (Korea) premiered at the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

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