A Scifi Flick Starring Ai Weiwei In A Dystopian Future Without Water


The Sandstorm SS1

Nobody likes censorship.

What happens when it is diverted from the people who have a right to it?

This short film was written based on the idea of water as a metaphor for information, a story that Jason Wishnow was developing even before he quit his job as the video director for TED Talks.

The Sandstorm SS2

It is set in a dry and arid future, with China’s most famous dissident artist Ai Wei Wei as a water smuggler and trader in a modernised tuk-tuk.

The deprivation is hostile, bleak and harsh. It aggravates conflict and social relations, as encountered by our water smuggler.

The Sandstorm SS4

True to his reputation, Ai Wei Wei’s involvement in this production was controversial.

He sent a cease-and-desist letter to director Josh Wishnow complaining that the film used unauthorised publicity photos of him to secure more additional funding. Kickstarter rebooted the funding campaign only after Jason Wishnow posted a public apology.

Watch ‘The Sand Storm’ <<沙尘暴>> by Jason Wishnow:

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‘The Sand Storm’ was shot in China in two days with 60 people on the team, including the cinematographer Christopher Doyle. It premiered at the Telluride Film Festival World Premiere in September.

Read the reviews by NPR Berlin and on NY Times.

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