Santa Didn’t Live At This Address, Until They Decided To Play Santa



It started with a letter. Jim and Dylan, a couple living in New York received a simple white envelope in their mailbox. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except it was addressed to Santa Claus.


Then 10 more came, 20, 60. Two weeks before Christmas, the total count stood at approximately 450 letters. Try as they might to discover why this was happening, their search yielded no results. Presented with no answers and a mountain of requests from hopeful children all across America, they were left wondering what to do.


Should they return the letters to the post office? Or do they randomly select some letters and fulfil those, thus making Christmas a game of chance? Perhaps they shouldn’t even look at a single letter, after all, they weren’t obligated to.


Here’s how Jim and Dylan helped keep the magic of Santa and Christmas alive in their own unique way, with a little help from kind friends, family and strangers.

What a fulfilling watch!

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