Save The Girl, Destroy The World. Is This Guy’s Ice Cream Date Worth It?


Controller SS1 KRK

This guy is waiting to claim outstanding ice cream date with his dream girl, but there are just a few complications.

Controller SS4 KRK

She’s has the destiny of the world in her hands.

In this science fiction world, her superpower is the controller of the world’s system. Unfortunately, she’s held captive and held hostage by people who want to keep the status quo on their side.

Controller SS3 KRK

But he will go to any lengths to rescue her, and she helps him overcome the many levels and hurdles in a video combat.

There’s a lot at stake: if they’re finally together, the world might descend into total chaos. But he takes a gamble.

Controller SS6 KRK

If their love turned the world upside down, so be it. Love is to be experienced, not controlled.

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‘Controller’ has a production team spanning four countries, in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and in China.

It’s written and directed by Saman Kesh, features original music by Russ Davies, cinematography by Isaac Bauman, stunt choreography by Dragon (楊志龍) and the cast Luka Lu and Susan Hsu.

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