He Saw Her Flinch & Shudder. He Closed One Eye. But Another Opened.


Catharsis ss2 krk.jpg

He worked overnight and woke up to this: his colleague, being harassed by their boss.

He saw her flinch, and he fled the scene.

Catharsis ss5 krk.jpg

Catharsis ss4 krk.jpg

The beast of a boss wasn’t done. This time, he chose to close one eye, but another eye had opened, terrorising all in the room.

This time, it wasn’t just his overworked mind.

Catharsis ss1 krk.jpg

The man and the beast, they were one and the same.

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Catharsis was a graduation film for Supinfocom created by Marine Brun, Antoine Fouilot, Jean-Guillaume Culot, Sébastien Dusart, Pauline Giraudel and Floraine Hertu.

More on the production here.

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