She Saw The Scars & Didn’t Judge. She Loved Her Instead.


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Ai hasn’t lived with her elder sister Kyoko since high school, and she’s unsure what to expect now that Kyoko was going to stay with her for awhile.

According to their mother, Kyoko’s husband was beating her up. When she first arrived, they were a little more than strangers and a little less than real family. Kyoko was aware that she might be intruding into Ai’s personal space, and they were painfully polite to each other.

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But Ai discovers the cracks in her sister’s life – the scars, bruises, and the pain that she was hiding under the facade.

She confronted Kyoko, whose body language admitted more than what she said.

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Ai didn’t judge her for it. She helped Kyoko with her burden, by loving instead.

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