He Believed In The Number ‘9’ & Became The Number ‘9’


The Numberman SS1 KRK

The mind is a beautiful thing.

When a man puts his mind to something, there is nothing he can’t achieve.

But what if that goal is as abstract as becoming a number? This mockumentary by Japanese director, Eji Shimada, focuses on one man’s desire to be more than just a tangible being. He wants to exemplify the beauty in numbers.

The Numberman SS2 KRK

This man’s quest to outgrow his corporeal form symbolizes an artists obsession with getting people to understand abstract ideas in completely different ways, shapes, and forms.

On the surface, this man is a crazy guy with a crazy dream, but is there more to that?

Watch ‘The Numberman’ by Eiji Shimada (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘The Numberman’ won the top prize at the 9Film Fest.

Here’s another film by Eiji Shimada, about a young boy who’s rushing against the clock to accomplish an important mission. Watch ‘6pm’ on Viddsee

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