He Wanted To Scare His Parents, But He’s In For The Fright Of His Life


To My Mother And Father sw ss4 krk

Hiding in mum and dad’s closet and jumping out to scare them sounds like a grand idea, especially since he’s got a scary mask.

To My Mother And Father sw ss3 krk

But sometimes, things happen in parents’ bedrooms that are not for children to see. He bears witness to a different side of mum and dad, a traumatising sight that he can barely understand.

To My Mother And Father sw ss5 krk

As unpleasant emotions surge through him, he undergoes a transformation himself. A different side of him surfaces under the mask, a side even more disturbing than what he just saw.

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< 'To My Mother And Father' was an official selection at Fantastic Fest, Sitges, and FrightFest. Next, watch Betrayal (Kanulo): The mask will shield him from the devil, if he betrays the souls of those he holds dear.

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