These Schoolgirls Spill Their Secrets On How To Get Ahead In Life


Sssh Don't Tell Anyone SS2 KRK

They unwittingly unravel a trail of money in school!

Two of Gita’s friends in high school talk very candidly to her new camera: Olla is the school’s prima donna. Echi makes her pocket money by helping her teacher sell textbooks to the students.

Sssh Don't Tell Anyone SS1 KRK

They innocently share what it takes to make it in life — how to get ahead, how money flows, and how money is extracted from parents, school teachers, and how money oils corruption in school.

And what a money trail it was.

Sssh Don't Tell Anyone SS3 KRK

Their secrets in getting ahead in life did not go unheeded by Gita.

Gita continued following the money, but she also decided to put an end to it.

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