When A Schoolboy’s Fantasy Girl Became Flesh And Blood


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A mysterious girl appeared in Minsu’s life, first as a vision, then an excuse, and then a trusty companion.

Nobody else can see her except for Minsu. She was a figment of his imagination, a person to blame when things went wrong in school.

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Soon, his classmates also began seeing her, and the stories became richer and more convoluted. She wears a headband, said one. Another group of girls said that she’s a murderer. She was a thief.

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Their blissful days together soured as more accusations piled on.

When the urban legend and gossip took a life of its own, even she seemed to be too real. She could be flesh and blood; she be willed into existence.

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It was too late to flee or turn back on his excuse, because the school was now hot on their heels.

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