Scolded, Ill-treated, Humiliated. Can This Grandma Ever Find Peace?


At Your Doorstep lg ss1 krk

“Kamatchi… Kamatchi…”

She could almost hear her husband’s gentle voice calling out to her, but he’s no longer there. He’s gone and she’s all by herself, battling everything that comes with old age – loneliness, forgetfulness and incontinence.

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She lives with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson, but like an unwelcome guest. No one has any respect for her.

They are unkind. They resent her deeply, and spare no chance to scold and humiliate her.

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Even her grandson pitches in, calling her smelly.

She has no one to talk to. No one who will understand what she is going through. She feels like a burden on everyone.

Her only solace is her love for her husband, and his voice that she often hears, calling out to her. She tells him she needs him, but she knows it’s impossible.

Will she ever find her peace?

Watch ‘At Your Doorstep’ by Don Aravind (Singapore) on Viddsee BUZZ:

The film was screened at the 6th Singapore Short Film Awards 2015 and won the award for Best Cinematography, which went to their teammate Michael Zaw.

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