One Lost Turtle, A Missing Mum. No Stone Was Left Unturned.


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This father and son duo are distraught: the pet turtle is missing. They’re on a hunt.

Memories of his mum surface as she and the turtle marked a tumultuous part of his childhood.

She had left the family in search of a better future, abandoning and resenting her husband for not being ambitious.

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A Memory SS1In her absence, his father tried his best to stand up for his son, giving him room to grow and to live up to his potential.

These repressed memories resurface as they hunt for the missing turtle. They left no stone unturned.

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The unspoken, and unsaid was heavy — the one person they truly missed was his mum. That was a weight that couldn’t be lifted, until it started coming out in the clear.

There was no resentment, no love lost. She left because she didn’t see a future with them. After this incident, the father and son duo now have a semblance of a future, together.

Watch ‘A Memory’ (龜) by Ren Xia (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘A Memory’ won the First Class Award in the Feature Film Category Of The Outside Mainland China Division at the 9th Tech-ex Cup International University Student Video Contest, Shenyang, China, 2014. It also won the Best Screenwriter and Best Director awards.

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